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Miami-Dade County government website caused computer problems

UPDATE: 1:15 p.m. 6/12/08 -- Site seems to be working fine now. The area that was causing computer problems was the transit page, but its still unclear as to why. Below is the original post from yesterday:

Stay away from Miami-Dade County government websites today. I just received the following message from one of the top people in The Miami Herald's tech department:

"The Miami-Dade County government website appears to be compromised and is serving up viruses to unsuspecting visitors. 

We are not completely aware of the extent of the damage but until this matter is resolved please avoid visiting -www.co.miami-dade.fl.us-  or -www.miami-dade.gov-"

I'm not about to test out the site myself to see if I get a virus, so I'm just passing along the warning. I'll update this post when I learn more or if it is safe to go back on the site.


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DJ Frustration

Just visited the site with shields up (Symantec fully up to date) and no virus. Unless they corrected this already, "one of the top people in the tech department" needs to brush up on his skills.


Thanks for checking it out, DJ. Good to know you didn't find any problems. Maybe it's fixed by now.

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