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The new iPhone is cheaper, faster. Will you buy one?

On July 11th the new iPhone goes on sale. With a two-year contract from AT&T, the 8GB model will cost $199, and the 16GB model will cost $299. It'll run on AT&T's 3G network, which means it will have a faster wireless connection than before.

Unlimited iPhone 3G data plans for consumers cost $30 a month, in addition to voice plans starting at $39.99 a month.

For those of you that waited, are you considering getting one now? The price is down, the speed is up, and you've had a year to think about getting one. But then again, money is tight these days, so maybe it's not worth it for you. So, is the new iPhone calling to you?

And you first adopters... I'm sure you were glad you stood in line last year to get your hands on one. But will you be envious over the new model?


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I'm sold.

Matthew JaiAlai

$70 a month is too much for services

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