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First day review of the iPhone 3G

Picture_287Well folks, I got myself an iPhone 3G yesterday to review. But unlike you, I didn't have to wait in line for hours to get one. It arrived in a nice little package on my desk Friday afternoon, already activated. (Ahh, the perks of being a reporter... but of course like all the products I review, I don't get to keep it.)

I started playing with it last night when I went out to dinner and a movie with my friend. I'm a big texter, and my actual cellphone has a full QWERTY keyboard. When using the iPhone 3G's touch-screen keyboard, my typing speed really slowed down. I often don't hit the key I want to, but I do like how the iPhone guesses what word I meant to type. By the end of the night -- even after several drinks -- I was getting better at typing. But I'm still not up to my normal typing speed.

With all the iPhone hype over the past few days, I kind of hoped I would get some reaction when I whipped out the phone in public. You know, the "Hey, that girl is so cool cause she has an iPhone"  reaction. The waitress at TGI Friday's didn't say anything about the phone when I was messing with it all night. When we stood in line to see Hellboy, no one in line gave it a second look. After a while my friend Amanda would start to shout a few times "Hey Bridget, that's a cool new iPhone you got there!" ... but still, the fellow moviegoers couldn't give a crap. Sigh.

I did have something weird happen to me a few times when I made calls. When you're in the middle of the call and you take the phone away from your cheek, the touch screen reactivates with button options to do things like end the call or mute it. When I put the phone back to my cheek, I lost the call. It happened twice. Was it because I hit a button to mute or end the call with my cheek? Was it the fault of the person I was talking to? Was it because I had three cocktails when I made the call? Hmmm...

Stay tuned Tuesday for the full review!


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Melissa Garcia

Hi Bridget,

I also have an iPhone (an original) and that's happened to me a few times... I guess my cheek just mutes it or ends the call.

The funny thing about the iPhone is, while it's an amazing gadget -- I consider it a primitive precursor to the tricorder -- it's not a very good phone.

Have fun with it!


That's a little strange. The iPhone is supposed to shut off the functionality of the screen when you put it to your ear. Though I have noticed that the new one is slower to bring the screen back when you move it away from the ear.

I think my biggest problem with the iPhone is the protectionist approach to email. There is no reason why the iPhone shouldn't support push for every service that offers it. I hope Apple eventually comes around and decides to open up their push selection, or, in the alternative, someone slaps them with a big, fat anti-trust suit.


I do not have an iPhone, but one thing I can say for those who do is that I find the extremely LOUD volume of their incoming phone calls (incoming to my phone,both landlines and cell phones) completely ear-deafening.I don't even have to ask if the person calling me has an iPhone...I know off the bat because of this very annoying and headache-inducing "feature".Anyone else experience this? It doesn't seem to affect my husband but, as I just said, it happens to me with EVERYONE who calls me with an iPhone,not just with one particular person/iPhone...

Brian Moore

I bought the new Iphone 3G and very disappointed with it I had a Blackberry that never gave me any problem . Iphone drops call all the time, the screen touch my cheek and it gets mute. Internet is sucks, balckberry way better in velocity.. email is not compatible with all providers..so.. blackberry user do not ever think of switching


Not true at all. One of the problems of the iPhone is how low the loudspeaker is. People miss calls all the time because they can't hear the ring.

Bridget, the phone has a "proximity" feature that deactivates the screen when it's close to your face. If you put it back too fast, there's a lapse before the screen is deactivated, long enough to press a button accidentally with your cheek. It happens to me all the time.

And no, you won't get any attention. Many people have it. But back when the first one came out, people were always asking me about it.

Or go abroad. In Barcelona everybody wanted to see the thing.



Grammar > You

luis bebchik

I have to only agree with the comments of the mute button when it hits the cheek. I have lost many calls due to this annoying design flaw.
What bothers me most now, is the fact that I went to the Apple Store to complain about this problem and they looked at me as if I come from another planet:
"We never had a complain like this before".... was the answer.
Quite sneaky... Who uses the mute button anyway? Why can't we have the option to deactivate it?
I'm a Mac addict anyhow...I still think is the just the best...
I just think the Iphone sucks because of this stupid design flaw...


I'm not talking about the volume of the loudspeaker when it rings,I'm talking about the volume of calls I get on my phone that are originated from an iPhone.When I try to talk to whoever is using it,I have to place my phone way away from my ear or experience severe pain due to the volume of the speaker's voice,that's all I am saying.


Who cares if it drops calls or not? You seem to be more interested in people fawning over your pretentious gadget.


I think that it says a great deal about you when you are looking for a "coolness" approval ratio simply by the possession of a telephone. "Wow!!! she's really super - she has the new iPhone!!!!!" I don't know whether you know this or note but your picture appears next your column - don't think a new phone is going to help.

Bridget Carey

Oh Bill, I was just joking about the "cool" factor since I think it's amazing how people are going crazy just to get one. Deep down, feeling cool about being a first adopter has got to be a big reason why many people stood in line to get it Friday. Also, after I made this post I went to a party where people wanted to play with it -- so there was a good bit of cool factor then, haha.

And to everyone else, glad to know I wasn't the only one with the cheek-button issue. But it hasn't happened to me since. In fact I haven't had too much trouble with the phone. The volume of the caller isn't too loud for me, but I do agree that the volume of the ring is a little hard to hear. If it wasn't for the vibrate I would have missed a call or two.


The mute problem is really annoying. I have had that happen to me several times and now I try to keep the phone a little away from my cheek while talking, but I should not have to do this. This is a serious design flaw with the iPhone. Somebody suggested that if you use the Quick Shut Off button on the top right of the phone, it will lock the phone but will not disconnect the call. I have to try that one. Other solution is to use a bluetooth with your cell phone. However, I don't like that one. Why do I have to wear a bluetooth all the time in order to talk to somebody. Well, that's that for being the early adopters of anything. I am sure that Apple will fix it as time goes by, till then we have to find a workaround.


It's 2010 and there are still problems with the mute button on the iPhone. As I am talking on the phone,I forget to hold it a litte distance from my ear. Consequently, my cheek or ear hits and mute button and I'm not aware of it until some time has passed. It causes 'hang-ups' or my daughter will yell "Mom" into the phone so I know that darn thing has happened again. I'm very weary of this (and the short battery life but that's another story) I'm going to get a different type of phone - apps or no apps.

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