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First Mile Communications offers Internet services to Miami businesses

Atlanta-based First Mile Communications, a provider of Internet access, will offer high-capacity wireless Internet services to Miami businesses, beginning today.

First Mile buys its Internet access from Terremark Worldwide's NAP of the Americas building in Miami. A business who uses First Mile would have a transmitter put on the roof of its building, which would recieve Internet signals from First Mile's base at the NAP building. Customers would have to be located no farther than three miles from the NAP building.

Businesses may find wireless Internet to be an advantage over traditional wired connections during hurricanes, when landlines can become damaged, said Stan Allen, president of First Mile.

The company is offering speeds between 3mbps to 100mbps, and prices start at $350 a year. It recently launched its services in the Tampa area, and Allen said the company has plans to expand its offerings to other areas of Miami with additional hub sites.


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350 a year? That's less than what Comcast charges for a wired connection. What does that plan include?


The benefit was mentioned up there-ish - no wires to be severed during a hurricane. It could be rationed that that's moot if Terremark loses power/service, but man, that ain't happening.

My company has a cage in colo there because it's so secure. It's a cat 5 rated structure, and it's built like a fortress. I'm just not crazy about the three-mile radius of service though. The building sits catty corner to the Miami Arena.. Now, I'm a Broward man, through and through... so maybe there are some nice neighborhoods within three miles, but man, the neighborhood at ground level.. needs some TLC.. or say, food and shelter.


Yeah, Downtown Miami just doesn't compare to the cosmopolitan metropolis that is Broward.

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