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Free mp3s -- without being a pirate

Sure, we all know pirates have been uber trendy, all thanks to Captain Jack Sparrow. But you don't have to resort to piracy to get free mp3s. Check out today's Tech Tuesday feature to learn about some free music sites you may not have known about before: Free Legal Music

Although there are some interesting sites, of course it isn't a total solution when you're on the hunt for a specific song. Why? Well pretty much everyone I know does pay for music by first looking at places like iTunes and Amazon. But if there's a song these paid services don't provide individually (like requiring a user to buy the whole album to get one song), patience runs out quickly and peer-to-peer file sharing becomes a quick and convenient answer. (But that's not to say I'm condoning stealing music.)

What's your take on music piracy? Have you changed your downloading habits over the past few years?


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That Pandora site is a lot of fun. I would love to know exactly how the technology works.


Most of the time I just go to youtube if I want to hear a song.


The music scene has improved immensely. most people can afford 99 cents to download favorite tracks, so there should be much less need for pirate downloads. Before you had to buy 11 useless tracks at $11-15, to get the one you really wanted.

The biggest problem is when you want to digitize the Albums, Cassettes etc that you already have, why should you pay twice?

I am disgusted by the over zealous antics of the RIAA prosecuting innocent grandparents, who knew nothing about the downloading from their grandchildren. The RIAA are trying to pretend that we are the problem, when they are the ones fleecing the artists.

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