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Product Review: It's e-mail for the grandparent that doesn't have a computer

To review the HP Printing Mailbox with Presto Service, I had to think like an old person. So I put on my housecoat, watched some Matlock, nagged my mother about how she never calls me, drove slowly around town to annoy other motorists... you know, the usual procedure before testing out gadgets made for a granny.

You got to be old to use this product. So ancient, in fact, that you want nothing to do with a computer and are afraid of technology. But your children think you'll like something computerish as a gift, cause they want you to enter the 21st Century.

Prestohpprintingmailbox1Enter the HP Printing Mailbox. You set up an e-mail address with the Presto service, like granny@presto.com, and any e-mails sent to that address will automatically print out of the machine. That's all it does. For the days that no one feels like e-mailing grandma, you can set it up to automatically print out things like a daily Sudoku puzzle or gardening tips to keep her busy. It's super simple. It just uses a telephone line. Granny doesn't have to do anything, aside from replenishing the ink and paper after the kids e-mail her 30 photos that eat up all her ink.

Of course, if you expect an older person to use it, a younger person better help them set it up. Getting this as a gift means you'll have to also fork over a yearly subscription of $99.99. You could always just call granny for cheaper... or send her an actual letter in the actual mail... but what millennial has time for that, right?

Want the full review? Read it in today's Miami Herald or watch the video below.

(And as a side note to the review, a Miami company has something kinda-sorta like this for those of us with computers. It's called DailyMe, and you can have your news feeds printed automatically everyday, or just have them sent to you in an e-mail.)


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