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Product Review: Sprint's Samsung Instinct

I really enjoyed using the Samsung Instinct, sold by Sprint. Sprint has great multimedia and GPS applications intergrated within it, making it fun using a phone like this. It's well designed, making it easy to understand, and I had no big issues using the touch screen -- the touch-screen keyboard is easy to use because it is horizontal.

The software is music-player friendly, with quick access links to download songs from Sprint. If you want to use your own mp3s, just throw them on a microSD card.

Even though there's much to like about the Instinct, it's not perfect. Read my 60-Second Review or watch the video below:


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I don't know...it seems to not be very good for web browsing according to boogadget (http://boogadget.com/why-samsung-instinct-sucks)


I watched a video of it in use somewhere, and the OS didn't look nearly as smooth as the iPhone's.


Yeah, the browser isn't going to be as good as the iPhone's. Afterall, iPhone has Safari. This was like your usual cellphone-type browser, and pages will be in their mobile versions. I guess that's a big factor if you want to do a lot of browsing on your phone, but for me, it's more about the quick essential stuff. Like getting GPS, weather, movie times, checking Facebook - that sort of stuff. I don't need to do much web on my phone.

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