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Scrabulous disabled, procrastinating employees spelling game addicts cry out in horror

The widely popular Facebook application Scrabulous has been taken down today. Hasbro, the makers of Scrabble, sued the creators of Scrabulous for copyright infringement on Thursday. You can read the full story here: Creators of Scrabble knockoff on Facebook sued. Now if you visit the Facebook page for the Scrabulous game, you get the message:

Scrabulous is disabled for US and Canadian users until further notice. If you would like to stay informed about developments in this matter, please click here.

Electronic Arts and Hasbro recently released an official Scrabble application on Facebook in Beta. But with 14,956 users, it hasn't come close yet to the more than 2 million Scrabulous users... then again, I wouldn't be surprised if addicts switch over just to get their Scrabble fix.

[AFTERNOON UPDATE:] The Scrabble application by EA and Hasbro is currently down, but it's not clear for how long. They say they are working out kinks, which is understandable since it is in beta testing. Maybe it got overloaded with how many people are switching over today. This is the message you get if you've tried to add the application this afternoon:

We're working on some tech problems and Scrabble will be ready to play as soon as possible!

We appreciate all the great feedback we've received over the past week and as a result we're making changes to Scrabble for its official launch in mid-August, including a streamlined app with the option to turn-off animations for faster gameplay and full keyboard functionality for those who prefer this way to play.

Please continue to let us know how we can make Scrabble - the best word game on Facebook - even better!

- The Scrabble Team

Scrabble addicts on Facebook are probably going through withdrawals. Poor babies. Before you get the shakes at your desk, realize that you can still play around on http://www.scrabulous.com/.


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The official Scrabble version is clunky and overdesigned.

I miss Scrabulous

aion kinah

Not only Scrabulous is experiencing this. I'm also playing other games on Facebook and it is so frustrating when the games are down specially when it happens while playing a game. I can only wait and try again. =(

learn spelling games

I was pretty advanced with that game :*(

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