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Product review: AT&T Remote Monitor

It's not exactly the type of product people buy when money is tight. But if you are a concerned parent with latchkey kids, it certainly is something you would consider.

The AT&T Remote Monitor allows you to put a camera in your home or business, and watch the video feed when you are away via a website or a web-enabled cellphone. The starter kit price begins at $299, and there's a monthly fee of $24.95. What makes it more than just a webcam is that it is a motion detector - so when you are away, it will notify you with SMS messages that something is moving in the house, and it will take a photo of what it saw. It also has a door sensor.

You can read more details along with a review here, or watch the video below. Is this something you would consider buying? Would you rather spend your money on a home security system? Or just set up some cheaper webcam on your own?

The SMS motion detection alerts, along with being able to view the streaming video on some AT&T phones, does seem unique. But is it worth the cost? Not for someone like me, but perhaps it would be for parents who want to make sure their kids come home from school on and stay out of trouble.


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