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Product Review: MOTOROKR E8 didn't rock my world

This week I tested the Motorola Rokr E8. It's certainly a cool phone with it's touch-pad that lights up with different buttons depending on what mode you're in.

Motorokr_fullfrontMotorokr_musicAs you can see in these pictures, if you're making a call, you see a number pad light up. But if you're listening to music, you see music controls.

And the music interface is great. Super easy to sync your music to the phone. Just plug it in and use Windows Media Player to transfer songs. Or just open up the folders as if it was a portable drive.

But... (and it's a bad but) I had some errors while using it. In Motorola's defense, I could have just got a flawed device, and my errors may not be common. But they would happen to me sporadically, and sometimes even after restarting the phone.

The phone I tested wouldn't respond well to the music shortcut button. Sometimes it would do nothing. And other times it would take way too long to respond -- like more than 20 seconds. And on another day I went to write a text message, but it never pulled up the text message screen. I would keep selecting the option on the menu, but it didn't respond. Nothing would happen until I restarted the phone. Needless to say, that's not good.

But lets say you get one that is glitch-free. You may have some trouble getting used to the touch pad keyboard and the scroll pad. See what I mean by reading my full review online, or watch the video below:


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hey there. i have the same problems with my motorokr. ever since i got it back in July 2008, i found it tooo slow to respond more than half of the time.. regardless if the memory was near full or no songs saved at all, the phone was just tooo slow for too many times. otherwise, the design, the cool lights, audio quality, the camera, and all else// fits perfect.

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