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Sun Sentinel's web team hasn't learned its lessons about date stamps

I almost couldn't believe what I saw today. After the Sun Sentinel's website went through drama last week for not having a date on a 2002 story about United Airlines filing for bankruptcy, their site is repeating the same design error on another story today!

Sunsentinel91908The date and time the story was published (which was this morning) should be under the writer's name. But it's not! No other story I've seen today has this problem. (You can click on the screen grab for a larger image. The date by the Sun Sentinel logo on the left is always the current date - it's not the date the story was published.)

I wondered if last week's issue was just a strange fluke from when it published stories back in 2002, but it's happening again six years later. Seems they have a web publishing system with a pretty big design flaw. A date stamp should be something that the publishing system puts on a story automatically, and the system should require it on every story. Clearly, that's not the case.

[2:50 p.m. UPDATE: Found a second story posted today without a date on their site. Not to pick on Tribune Co., but me thinks they need to get a better system for publishing stories to the web.]


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Richard Pachter

Ha! Great story, B.

Richard Pachter


Everyone at The Herald should NEVER criticize anyone about anything or point out any institution's faults, misdeeds or screw-ups until they achieve perfection themselves.


Just thinkin'.


Who cares if it's the Herald or someone else pointing out the flaw? The point is that a mistake is being made and needs to be corrected asap. I guess some people need to learn stuff the hard way. It's sad, really.

Jack Glottmann

Sun Sentinel and WSFL TV are using a sightly modified version of our logo without our permission. It seems their design team loved our logo so much, they stole shamelessly.

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