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The Verizon G'zOne Boulder can handle dunks, drops and... the dryer?

It's not often I get to drop my review gadgets in a pool.

Or off a second-story balcony.

...multiple times.

Verizon_boulder I gave the Verizon G'zOne Boulder, made by Casio, a beating this week. I have a super-sized 60-Second Review for you (a little over two minutes long), so I can show the abuse this phone went through. And because we had to do more than one take for the video at different angles, it spent a good amount of time underwater and was tossed off the balcony twice.

I had to do the intro to this video after I put it through the tests. So you'll see when I hold up the phone in the beginning, there's a scratch on the bottom of the phone. That's from being dropped.

Read the full print review here, or check out the video below to see the abuse in action. Besides water and concrete, I also gave it a third test...


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