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Office Depot gives you gift cards for your old electronics

Have an old gadget just collecting dust? Too lazy to put it on eBay? Don't throw it in the trash. Get some money for it by sending it to Office Depot. In exchange you can get a gift card. But if it has no trade-in value, you can still send it to be recycled.

Office Depot will accept things like mp3 players, cameras, notebooks, desktops, smartphones, televisions and game systems.

The site said I could get $32 for my Sansa San-Disk mp3 player in good condition. Not too shabby... but of course that could go down if the person inspecting it doesn't find it to be worthy of $32. And the site said it would give me $22 for my Sega Genesis with all my games... no way would I give up Sonic for that price!

Go to officedepot.com/techtradein to see for yourself. Just remember to properly wipe out your data before shipping it off.


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Hey! Like my old iPod??

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