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Who is to blame? Experts weigh in on the Sun Sentinel and Google situation.

Drama between United Airlines, The Tribune Company and Google all started with one click to a 2002 Chicago Tribune story on the Sun Sentinel website that wasn't labeled as being published in 2002.

That one click launched a domino effect of errors, causing United Airline's stock to plummet last Monday, before largely recovering in the afternoon.

Each group involved is arguing over who is to blame for why shareholders thought a 2002 story about United Airlines going bankrupt was current news.

Was it the Sun Sentinel for not having the correct date on an old story?

Was it the Google news search robot, Googlebot, for marking a story from 2002 as new?

Was it the reporter from Income Securities Advisors who spread the old bankruptcy news on a wire service as breaking news? After she saw the story on the Sun Sentinel, she didn't double check facts to see if it was true.

And the bigger question: Will angry United Airlines shareholders sue someone over it? And if so, who?

The answer is that no one may be to blame for this costly glitch. And the Tribune -- Sun Sentinel's parent company -- is not releasing details of why an old story didn't have a date on the Sentinel's site. Was it just a strange fluke for this one story? Are several stories from 2002 without dates because the company used a different design template back then and it's causing an error now? They aren't saying.

Neither the Tribune or the Sun Sentinel have said anything about taking any measures to prevent such a occurrence again. Instead, they are putting all the blame on Google.

Read the whole story here from Sunday's paper to see what the experts are saying about this situation: Web story accusations fly.


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