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Product Review: VCR 2 PC is pricey way to preserve priceless memories

Ionvcr2pcIt's not always easy to figure out how to record videos from your VCR onto your PC, unless you're tech savvy enough to look online and learn how to yourself.

The Ion VCR 2 PC makes it easy if you don't have a clue about such things. But at $199.99, preserving your memories doesn't come cheap.

It lets you copy videos from VHS tapes directly to your PC, saving the video footage as .mpg files. It also has RCA audio/video inputs to archive from external sources like video cameras. The VCR has auto tracking, variable speed slow-motion, playback and rewind, and connects to Windows XP and Vista via a USB 2.0 port.

The software included helps burn your videos to a DVD (as long as your computer can burn DVDs). But the software... well... for $200 I just wish it did more. But at least it works well. If you want to get snazzy with editing those family movies, then you will want to use another movie editor program. If you are making a DVD with the software, it will let you cut unwanted footage -- such as the static at the end of a movie -- but the edits only apply to the DVD you are making.

Check out my video below for more, or read the full review in today's Miami Herald.


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