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Product review: Samsung Rugby for AT&T can take a beating

Rugby_black_closedright_2This week I got to beat up on the Samsung Rugby for AT&T. It's a work-centric phone designed for tough and dirty jobs, such as construction work. How tough? Well watch the video below to see. I ran it over with my not-so-glamorous car, and the only thing that happened was that the back got a little scratched from rubbing on the pavement. (Thanks to my lovely roommate Amanda for shooting the video.)

(If you want to see more phone abuse, AT&T put a promotional video on YouTube that has it going through torture tests at a construction site.)

It's a good phone if you need something basic, and the large speaker on the front is convenient when using its Push to Talk feature. It also has AT&T's video share, which lets you send out a streaming video from your camera to another phone with video share capabilities. And it's not all work and no play -- you can access the usual online goodies, like music, video and instant messenger.

But here's a downer: While most phones can wake up from power-save mode by hitting a side button, this one doesn't. So, I couldn't see a missed call or check the time by hitting volume buttons or another side button. The only way to light up the front screen is to open the phone, which is pretty annoying.

Check out the full review in today's Miami Herald or watch my review below:


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