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Product Review: Sprint's HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro

Well folks, I'm back from vacation with a new review. But this review is extra meaty... it's two phones in one video! Crazy, I know! But before you get too giddy, I should say that the Sprint HTC Touch Diamond and the HTC Touch Pro are pretty much the same phone, 'cept the Pro has a keyboard and a video-out feature to hook it up to a TV or projector... which could come in handy for PowerPoint presentations.

The Pro was my fave out of the two phones, mostly because of the keyboard. Both phones worked best when using the stylus (or my long fingernails). But the truth is that I'm not a big fan of using a stylus, which is why I say in my review that I like other touch-screen phones better. I know some of you love your stylus. It all comes down to what works better for you. I did use my fingers now and again on the screen, but it just worked better for me when I whipped out the stylus.

But the bottom line is that this phone had some pretty sweet features, including a full HTML browser, Wi-Fi and an auto-focusing 3.2 megapixel camera that also records video. And Sprint always has a great multimedia package with it's Sprint TV offerings, but I'm a TV junkie so I can't help but love mobile TV. It's got a snazzy interface with TouchFLO™ 3D, making you forget that you're using Windows Mobile.

Read the full print review online in today's Miami Herald or watch the video below.


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Why is the light of the videos so bad?!
Your skin looks three different colors!


It's cause I use a cheap webcam. But soon I'll be doing these reviews from a studio, so that should fix things.

electronic white board

Sprint's HTC Touch Diamond and HTC Touch Pro is a good one by HTC but it could be more better if they can add some more features which sony have .

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