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Product Review: The LG Lotus is the ultimate girly phone

Lotus So when Sprint sends me a phone that is purple with a flower design printed on it... shaped like a make-up compact... and has a full QWERTY keyboard... how can I not fall in love with it?

The keyboard of the LG Lotus is a little too squished for my liking, but as I said in today's review, women are used to suffering a little for the price of beauty. And at $99.99, it's not a bad price at all.

Check out my video review below or read the full review in today's Miami Herald.


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Piper Wilson

I don't know how to do trackbacks or pingbacks or anything like that. I wrote an article about the LG Lotus and included a link to this page. If I shouldn't have used this comment box to tell you (and I think I probably shouldn't have) please forgive me and go ahead and delete it.




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