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Product Review: How can you not love Road Mice?

RoadMiceCamaro It's a wireless mouse designed as a car! Headlights light up when you click! Comes in more than 40 designs! YES! YES! YES!

I don't think I'll ever review a mouse as awesome as the Road Mice. I'm a toy-loving geek and I just couldn't get enough of these. (They even have the concept Camaro! But sadly, they don't have one painted like Bumblebee from Transformers.)

The only downside (and it's a minor one) is that when it goes idle for several minutes, the only way to wake it back up is to click it or move the scroll wheel -- you can't just move it to turn it back on. It's a way for it to save battery life, but some may see it as annoying.

But one reader wrote to me this morning with a word of caution about the Road Mice...

Bridget, Beware! the "Road Mouse" maybe cute, but do not be fooled it is extremely dangerous and could lead to "Desk Rage." Imagine a office full of "Road Mice." It would be so tempting, when your computer "freezes" to just hit the accelerator and drive your "Road Mouse" right into the monitor and chortle at the ensuing fireball. "Road Mouse" envy is also dangerous. Suppose you have the "Yugo" road mouse, while the guy next to your has the "Masserratti" road mouse, and gets all the women. It would be so easy to sneak up on him, using the cord on the "Road Mouse" as a garrotte strangle him, and feed his remains into the paper shredder.  

-- Deeply Disturbed Dean

Thank you for the warning, Dean.

Watch the video below to see the mouse in action. This week I've moved my review out of my bedroom to our brand new TV studio: Studio H! What do you think of the change?


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I miss the old videos. That antiseptic studio hurts my indie sensibilities.


I agree with Andy. The homemade videos had a certain charm and warmth that doesn't come through now - the studio and editing just looks too dang professional.


I like the room videos better. They had a more personal look and feel. Go back to your room young lady! :)


I'd go back in time to get my hands on a DeLorean model - or one of my first car: a 1986 Mazda B2000 pick up


I must agree with the others, the room videos do feel more personal.

Larry Hampton

Having received a white Mustang GT with blue stripes mouse for Christmas from my sister, I’ve had a few weeks to ‘test drive’ it at my work and I’m not all that impressed. And don’t go with the wisecracks that its a Ford, they’re all the same on the inside.

I work for an engineering firm as a CAD tech so I am constantly using the mouse 8-5, 5 days a week at least.

The pros: It’s very stylish looking, the fit and finish are very nice. I can’t comment on the feel of them all, but I thought the square corners of the truck on the Mustang might bother me, but they don’t. The hood buttons aren’t overly sensitive and the scrolling button seems firm and not too sensitive as well.

The cons: White is not a good color to get, I’m getting ‘hand goo’ in the door jambs and style lines, if you’re a smoker you definately don’t want a light colored car. The car rocked on the desktop. I had to ‘work on the suspension’, i.e. used some tape on the bottom pads to level the car out. In the 6 or so weeks I’ve ‘driven it’ I’ve used two sets of batteries not including the ones that came with it.

The really bad cons: It sometimes goes to sleep within a few seconds of using it. you have to click the hood to get it to wake back up, although the led on the bottom glows an ‘the rotors get hot’, it still doesn’t move the cursor. Using the scroll button in AutoCAD as I have it set up, zooms in and out on the screen, on a web page it scrolls the page. The mouse gets a mind of it’s own and will zoom in and out on it’s own in AutoCAD and when surfing the ‘web, it will scroll a page up and down on it’s own, very annoying. Also, whether in AutoCAD or on a web page or in a document, the cursor will dance around in the general area on it’s own, not a tiny area, but maybe 10% of the screen in the general area it’s in. This is typically noticed when trying to use the cursor to pick something.

The bottom line: It’s a neat mouse, but it’s a gimmick. If you plan on using it for serious production work you’ll be disappointed, for ~$50 you’d think they’d put better guts in it. And to let you know how bad it is, I’ll be taking it off and plugging my company supplied wired optical mouse back in. I’ll probably take it home and put it on the home desktop and the kids can use it.


I Ordered 3 mice from this company, they took my money but still not delivery over a month later. DONT ORDER. Sent numerous emails to them, many international calls, avoidance and vague email replies,always on back order. When I asked to exchange for anything else they made promises but no delivery!! DO NOT ORDER, You're wasting your money!

Bridget Carey

Oh wow, thanks for the heads up on that, Aussie. That's pretty horrible customer service! If anyone else had this problem, please do share!

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