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Product Review: Logio Secure Password Organizer

Logio_secure_pw_organizer_2Hello readers! I'm back from vacation with a new review video for you. This week I have a credit-card sized diddy called the Logio Secure Password Organizer by Atek. It stores all your passwords in life. Using it reminded me of one of those really old-school cheap calculators, cause it doesn't have buttons -- it's just a flat membrane keypad you have to smack.

While first using it, I was going to scream. There are several steps in setting it up (such as creating a master password), and if you pause for a minute or two between steps, it turns off and you have to start over again. I didn't realize this until it shut off on me twice. Plus, filling all your passwords out on this thing will take some time since typing isn't fast, so you better have patience.

It has tons of potential -- you can create more complicated passwords and you can just throw it in your wallet. If you think this is something that could be useful for you, you better not forget the master password to use it, or you might as well throw this thing in a blender. There's no resetting it.


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