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Product Review: Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox makes me go "Bale"

Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox The Aluratek USB Internet Radio Jukebox did not get a glowing review from yours truly.

The review started off on a bad note when it didn't work at all on my personal laptop, and neither did it work on a co-worker's laptop. But it did work on my roommate's home PC and my office PC. Maybe we had other software that caused some sort of conflict. But still, that shouldn't have happened.

When you plug it into your USB port, the software is designed to run automatically and you can tap into more than 13,000 Internet radio stations from over 150 countries. Personally, I don't care about music from other countries. And I certainly don't want to pay $39.99 for some software to access Internet radio that I can normally get for free on my own. I love Internet radio, so paying for software to access it seems like a waste of money.

But this being South Florida and all, maybe you really want to listen to stations from countries your family is from and you are not tech-savvy enough to find these stations on your own. If you hunt around, you can find the USB jukebox for about $25. Maaaybe then it might seem worth it to you. Apparently some folks on Amazon liked it enough to give it good reviews. (Shrug.)

But for me... well... it was just as bad as the amateur staff I work with!

He was a nice guy, just amateur! I don't like people trashing my review scene. Was I too harsh? Well regardless, he left the set and I was able to do a more professional take:


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Love the Bale clip, Bridget!!

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