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Product Review: Dazzle Video Creator Plus has a few minuses

What sort of product doesn't come with cords?

Dazzle That would be the Dazzle Video Creator Plus, by Pinnacle Systems. The device lets you capture video from pretty much any source, like TV, VCR (good for saving old home movies), camcorders -- and then save them on your computer. It also comes with video editing software and you can make it into a DVD.

The only thing was, it doesn't come with any cords to connect it to your VCR or TV... the only connection it comes with is to connect it to your USB port. Aren't cords cheap? I expect connection cords when I pay $89.99 for something.

There are some neat things you can do with the video editing software -- of course it is no Final Cut Pro -- but it offers non-complicated ways for video beginners to do some cool effects with your videos. That is... when it doesn't go glitchy. A frame had a strange flicker of a picture that wasn't supposed to happen, and that error was burned into my DVD (so it wasn't just the preview screen wigging out). It was an easy fix -- I just had to delete that frame and re-create it, but still, it shouldn't have happened.

And when you are importing video from an outside source, it will automatically divide up the footage into different "scenes" if it detects that the video jumped to a different cut or location. That can be a real time saver in the editing process.

Check out my full review online or watch the video below to learn more about the Dazzle:


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Joe Redford

Is this supported with the Pinnacle video creator/editor?

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