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Websites for greener living

In the spirit of Earth Day on Wednesday, here are a few websites to help you live a greener life:

  • Track your carbon footprint using carbon calculators at these sites: CarbonAdviceGroup.com, BeGreenNow.com, Nature.org

  • Find green recycling and waste management centers near your home on GenGreen Life. You can also search for green-friendly businesses, or places that sell green products.

  • Rebecca Carter launched the blog GreenerMiami in 2006 to provide a resource for all things environmental in South Florida.

  • The U.S. Department of Energy has this map where you can search for alternative fueling stations. Just pop in an address to see nearby sites.

  • Planning an event? Instead of sending paper invites, use Pingg. You can create custom designs for e-cards and detailed event pages. But how will you invite grandma if she doesn't go on the computer? No worries -- you can order some invites to be printed and mailed.

  • Greenwala is a social network for people to share news, videos, and make blog posts about living the green lifestyle -- everything from shopping green to cooking green.

  • Before you toss that gizmo in the trash, visit HowToMendIt.com to see if you can fix it. The site is a bit messy, but it has a database of fix-it-up answers from users. Ask your questions or offer up some of your own advice.


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