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Product Review: Novetel MiFi 2200 for Verizon and Sprint

MiFiVerizon This week's review is a 2-for-1! (Well, sort of.) I tested the Sprint and Verizon versions of the Novetel MiFi 2200. It's a mobile hotspot that fits in your pocket. It's easy to use -- pretty much just have to charge it, turn it on, and then your nearby mobile devices will be able to connect to the Internet at broadband speeds. Up to 5 devices can tap into it at once.

MiFiSprintMobileHotspot What impressed me was when I used Verizon's MiFi to connect to Xbox Live and play a game with a friend AND watch streaming videos on a laptop -- and it worked great! There was a little lag in the game in the beginning, but not for long.

Sprint connected to Xbox Live also, but it was having a few connection hiccups -- although I'm sure there were other factors involved (could have been an Xbox Live problem or coverage problem -- hard to say). Sprint worked great when I used it to connect online with my computers. Sprint also has this GPS feature built into the MiFi, but the interface isn't intuitive to use and it kept saying I was in Boca Raton when I was in Cooper City... which are about 33 miles apart. Not really sure if many people will get value out of a GPS inside the MiFi. (Shrug.)

There were two things I wasn't a fan of. Verizon's instructions say you should hook it up to your computer and it download MiFi software to manage your wireless connections. It was glitchy and unnecessary software! Bah.

And Sprint doesn't have a complicated password printed on the back of the device like Verizon does. Sprint has this 54321 default password. I can see folks having trouble with that if they wanted to change it. And then if you change it, it better be something you can remember easily if you want to share it.


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so you just plugged in your aircard into the mifi 2200 and plugged in the wifi network adaptor to your xbox connected?

Bridget Carey

Reagan -- No, you don't have to plug the MiFi into anything. Just turn it on and the Xbox (or any device) will see it as a wireless connection.


I just noticed that you changed your avatar's outfit to match your own, haha!

(And yes, I am sitting here on a Saturday evening browsing your videos - I hope you choke on a Casey's hotdog up in Disney!)


no way!!!!! how many bars did u have wen u were using xbox live????

xbox live

for this MiFi, seems like have to plugin the SIM card inside, then can be use. I don't think so the device can support the Xbox live, because the Mobile service is not fast to provide engough for Xbox live. I doubt you really using it or not.

Bridget Carey

I assure you it worked in connecting to Xbox Live! I had all bars, and the connection was good for both Sprint and Verizon. Now there was maybe two times during my test that it hiccuped in the connection and lagged for a minute when I tested the Sprint one -- and maybe that had to do with the network strength near my home, so it's not perfect -- but it did work.

andrew albritton

ok but for how long can u play online until it kicks u for going over ur bandwidth?


How do you do this exactly. where do i download this software or whatever for xbox live? I have the verizon MiFi card.

Bridget Carey


You don't need to download anything special on Xbox. Just go to your control panel to have it search for nearby Wi-Fi access, and it should detect the MiFi if it is on.

Just like any other Wi-Fi connection, you'll need to enter in the password and ta-da, you're now online using the MiFi's data. But watch your plan... it's not unlimited. Both Sprint and Verizon data plans cap it at 5 Gigs a month. I'm not an expert on how much bandwidth an Xbox Live game uses, but you'll probably burn through that data very quickly as a frequent gamer. And then it's 5 cents per MB extra... yowza.

(So Andrew, I have a hard time answering your question because I didn't get a "bill" while testing this. I don't know how long I played before it started going past the 5GB, charging me $0.05 extra per MB. It's a fantastic question, but sorry I don't have the answer.)

To give you some perspective, downloading a full-length feature movie averages about 700MB.

Showing that it can support a Xbox Live connection was more of a way to show what it can do. Heavy users shouldn't make it a complete substitute to your home Internet provider.


I have tried everything to get the xbox to connect to my MiFi and it won't connect. It detects the connection, but after I enter my password and test the connection again, it always comes up with an error. So I give up.

I have scoured the internet trying to find a solution and it seems no one has an answer. There are lots of other people out there with this problem, but we can't seem to get any support for it.

If you can provide any help it would be greatly appreciated.

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