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Product Review: Pandora lovers will adore the Livio Radio

Livio radio Pandora fans who are looking for a home stereo should check out the The Livio Radio. It can tap into thousands of Internet radio stations as well as music from your Pandora account -- plus it has Pandora's thumbs up and thumbs down rating buttons. It connects via WiFi or a broadband cable.


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I'm a long-time iPod user and I've been using that as my one and only means of playing tunes. However, back when I was in the market for one, iPod docking stations didn't come in wide varieties and were rather expensive (though I still regret going with the cheap option).

Pandora, however, not only plays the setlists I want, but it recommends a lot of new (and generally good) songs and artists. Though I've only just gotten into Pandora, I could see myself buying this product sometime in the future.

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