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South Florida tech firms team up to encourage companies to go virtual

Hey folks, I'm leaving town for a week and won't be able to blog, but I'll leave you with my story that ran today about Citrix and DataCore working together to encourage more companies to use their virtualization products. And visit MiamiHerald.com Tuesday to catch my next video review, which I'll post here when I return.

DataCore Software, which sells software to help businesses manage storage of data, announced Wednesday it teamed up with fellow Fort Lauderdale tech company Citrix Systems.

Companies that use Citrix's virtual server tools can now try out DataCore's virtual storage software for free.

Virtualization is a hot topic because it can help growing companies cut information technology costs by using existing resources, instead of buying new hardware.

Citrix offers ways for a business to run many computers off one computer, so to speak. The user doesn't notice any of this -- it's all done behind the scenes so every worker has the same user experience.

But when you put all your eggs -- or in this case, several work computers -- in one basket, and that basket crashes, you can lose a lot with one disaster. There needs to be a way to have all that data stored someplace safely. DataCore has software to do that.

DataCore CEO and president George Teixeira said a big hurdle for Citrix customers was the cost to store that data.

"A company that wants to go to virtualization might get excited, they might see a cost savings," Teixeira said. "But when they go to buy the storage, they find the cost is actually high.''

He said storage hardware equipment costs, on average, $100,000.

DataCore's software, which uses a company's existing storage equipment through virtualization software can cost a company about $20,000.

The recession has not crushed Citrix. Last month, it reported that second-quarter revenue was nearly flat, at $393 million, but profit grew 22 percent to $43 million.


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