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Turn off work computers on Power IT Down Day

Turn-off-computer-night-TP-md Fort Lauderdale-based Citrix teamed up with HP, Microsoft and Intel to promote the energy-saving event "Power IT Down Day" on Thursday Aug. 27. It's to push folks to save energy by powering down their computers, printers and other peripherals when they leave the office.

If you sign up to say you're participating, HP is calculating the number of people who register that they will power down, and calculating the amount of energy saved. A part of the cost savings will be donated to the Wounded Warrior Project, and Citrix said it would donate at least $20,000.

You can also download a widget that will track how much energy your using at hp.com/powertochange.

How are the computer power habits in your office? Do most of your co-workers leave computers running at night? Or is your workplace good about powering down when it's time to punch out?


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