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Verizon looking into how customers can avoid accidental data fees

If you don't have a data plan on your cellphone, sometimes you can still access the Internet -- but it gets real costly real fast. And with shortcut keys that make it easy to fire up the Web, customers could be charged for data when they didn't intend to hit that button.

The Cleveland Plain Dealer wrote a column about an issue like this with Verizon, and then got feedback from hundreds of readers saying they also have similar billing problems.

So Verizon says they are looking to this issue and will work with any account that believes they have a problem. Verizon also told the Plain Dealer that they will give refunds, depending on the issue.

Have you or someone you know gone through a similar issue with a carrier? We've all heard billing horror stories when you go over your minute plan or text messaging plan, but what about data plan billing problems?


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The best way is to avoid Verizon.

They are sponsoring a Global Warming Denial conference on Labor Day.

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