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UPDATE: AT&T 3G service problems in South Florida

[UPDATE 8:30 p.m. - My 3G is back and calls are working just dandy. Same goes for some friends I know who have AT&T. Looks like things are back to normal.]

[UPDATE 7:02 p.m. - Phones in problem areas are now auto switching over to AT&T's Edge network and it's not showing any 3G coverage where I'm currently at (a few minutes ago I had full bars). If it doesn't auto switch for you, restart your phone or manually turn off the 3G in your settings. It automatically went to Edge for my phone and for a coworker's phone.]

[UPDATE 6:25 p.m. - The AT&T Twitter account, ATTNews, sent Miami Herald online producer and writer Adrian Ruhi the following in a direct message: "There is an equipment issue affecting S. FL wireless calls - data is running normally. Techs are currently working to resolve the issue."]

AT&T customers around South Florida are unable to send or receive calls on its 3G network.

Customers who click on "settings'' and turn off 3G will switch to the AT&T's Edge network -- the slower network -- and should be able to make calls without trouble.

Reports of service problems started after 4:30 p.m. Thursday. Not every AT&T 3G customer was having problems.

"They're still looking into it,'' said AT&T spokeswoman Kelly Starling. "It seems to be an equipment issue.''

Starling, who was in Palm Beach County, said she and others near her have had no problems calling on AT&T phones with 3G.

But reports of problems are coming in from Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach counties. Frustrated AT&T users in the tri-county area have posted messages on social networks like Twitter and Facebook about not being able to make calls, but users seems to be able to still access the Internet on its 3G network.

From 2006 to 2008, AT&T has invested more than $3 billion in its wireless and wireline networks in Florida. This year, AT&T announced plans to invest between $17 billion and $18 billion in its networks worldwide.

Is it working where you are? Post a comment and share what problems -- if any -- you're noticing.


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Not working on my iPhone in Sunrise. Data is slow. Some texts are successful, some are failing


I just called AT&T and they claimed to be unaware of any outages. Turn off your 3G and you should be fine. They "entered a ticket" for the issue.


let me call you hotness! what's your number?


They noticed theres an outage in the area and theyre trying to repair it.
It's a "high priority" and to give it about an hour.




No service in Plantation, voice or data, on 3G or EDGE. Just called AT&T customer service and she insists that there is nothing wrong with their network and that my iPhone must be broken. AT&T sucks.


Called AT&T from landline as Iphone stopped working. Representative told me there is a 'known issue'. When I asked what the 'known' part was she said 3G issue around South Florida. Once I switched to Edge service started working again (after a phone reboot as well)


I am in Miami and was unable to make calls until my phone switched to Edge service. Data is slow but voice quality is fine.


Here in Key Biscayne full service is back up, from relatively nothing a half hour earlier.

Adrian Ruhi

Seems to be back now


I did call att costumer service just about 4.34 pm and they denied any problem , they always do the same thing , the true is the service is very poor every day , even worst than metro pcs but they still denied any problems , Is simple they service become problably the worst in the nation .


My Blackberry works better now than anything I have ever used. I can't wait until the network catches up with the demand


th e problem affect v3xxx rzr and my iphone 3gs no calls, service what so ever ms 06 fl blah blah unable to place a call. all my iphone said is NO SERVICE Zero Bars.


All of my added applications are not working. When the press the appl icon it returns to my menu a few seconds later. Can anyone help me.



Steve Dickey

AT&T 3G service is down in northwest Florida. If you can't text or phone is slow to make calls turn off 3G on your phone. AT&T has no estimated time of repair. Has been down since around 3am on 6-6-10.


My internet in Plantation has been off all day yesterday and off and on all day today. I called them multiple times and they say that there is an outage, they give a time, then I call again and they change the time to later. Now they don't give any estimated time to fix it. It sucks cause I need my internet to work. Guess I'll be switching services as this is ridiculous. It can barely handle that I'm on here to type a post.


AT&T 3G service is down in Doral. Turning off 3G solved it for now although is very slow. Oh well...

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