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Product Review: The senior-friendly Doro PhoneEasy

This week's review is of the Doro PhoneEasy, a cellphone marketed for seniors. As you would expect, it has big buttons and a large, easy-to-read screen. But it's got a few more features than its competitor, the Jitterbug J.

Normally I love more features on a phone! But if you are buying this phone for someone who doesn't know how to use a cellphone and get nervous easily around technology, you need to ask yourself if having a few more options in the menu will be a turn-off.

For example, you can scroll through a menu that has an FM radio, calculator, calendar, settings options and games. In comparison, Jitterbug J has none of that. In fact, it is so basic that you can call an operator (by dialing 0) to change a setting or add a contact.

Don't get me wrong -- the Doro is easy to use. It's just that having more features could be a downer, depending on the user. The way I see it, the Doro is less expensive and worth taking the time to learn the extra menu features.


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