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Product Review: eStarling TouchConnect digital photo frame

Estarling I got to test out the eStarling TouchConnect digital photo frame, which was shown at CES earlier this month. It's a touch-screen photo frame that works off your home Internet, whether that be Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It's got so many features, I couldn't list them all in 60 seconds. In this week's video, I didn't get to mention that it can access your Google calendar and Twitter feed... but viewing Twitter on a photo frame just seems like a pointless feature.

It can do some cool stuff, like sync your Facebook photos and let you e-mail photos from your phone directly to the frame. And I also like how you can stand it up or hang it on a wall (but it requires a AC adapter so you gotta hide the cord if you hang it).

Overall, it has so much potential for awesome, but it was a disappointment. You can read the print review here, or watch the 60-second review, which is conveniently located below for your viewing pleasure.


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Haha, the first shot is us snuggling the parrots at Parrot Jungle. <3


I have taken so many family photos over the years but don't have the money to print them all out, so the option of having a touch screen photo frame seems like a great alternative.

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