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Product Review: Adidas miCoach Pacer

Need a little motivation to get in better shape, but don't want to pay for a gym and personal trainer? Well if you have a little self discipline, the Adidas miCoach Pacer could be the extra push you need to get into a running routine.

Just set up a profile with Adidas and sync up your device. It's great for beginners like me, who don't ever run, and it also has workout plans for more experienced folks.

The coolest feature: It gives you real-time feedback if your heart rate isn't in the correct zone for the workout (meaning you're going too fast or too slow). And you can listen to your mp3s at the same time!

Watch my 60-second review video below to see it in action.


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Football Boots

I recently bought one of these, really good, I love the way you can sync it wherever you go, especially on my travels!

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