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Product Review: Google Nexus One phone

I'm not going to dance around it. Google's Nexus One phone is pretty darn close to being the perfect phone. Awesome interface. Awesome look. Awesome camera. And it's chuck-full of Googlerific tools. If you don't mind a touch-screen keyboard, it's the best Android phone out there. (If you need a physical keyboard, then get a Droid.)

But what keeps it from being a cellphone champion is the touch-screen keyboard, which I feel just isn't as good as the iPhone's keyboard.

Another downer: You can't touch this baby before buying it, because it's only sold online through Google. It currently is sold at a discount with a T-Mobile contract, but later this year it'll be available with a Verizon service plan.


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nexus one spare battery

Today's my first day with it. I have never had a smartphone before, and I'm a little overwhelmed with all the whosits and whatnots this thing has. I find it very fast and easy to use. I'm not an early adopter, and I held off on any pre-android 2.1 phones because I was waiting for both hardware and the OS to advance past the first stage, and I'm glad I did. There's always going to be a new thing, and for my part, if the phone meets my needs for the next couple years it will be fine.

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