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Product Review: AT&T's Motorola Backflip

Backflip The first Android phone to be sold at AT&T certainly is a unique one. The Motorola Backflip has a backward clamshell design, so the 3.1-inch touch screen and keyboard are always facing out -- even when closed. There is a secondary touchpad on the back of the main screen, which I find useful for doing quick scrolling, but it can be disabled.

Instead of requiring a Google account to get it started, it uses a system called Motoblur to synchronize social media updates, e-mail and contacts. It has a 5-megapixel camera and video recorder with optional flash.

Backflip_folded One neat feature is that you can open the phone halfway to rest the keyboard on a tabletop, and the screen turns into an alarm clock or photo slide show.

But the Motoblur social media widgets that come installed weren't too impressive. A window that was supposed to show my recent status on my networks wouldn't update in over a day. And the widget that's supposed to show all recent activity from all my connections on Twitter and Facebook would quickly fill with useless updates. (Example: John Smith on Twitter just changed his iPhone location. Why the heck do I care about that?)

Bottom line: It's a good phone with a nice camera and keyboard. With Motoblur, this phone is designed for a serious social media junkie. But if that's not you, no worries -- just disable those widgets and customize the menu how you want it, just like other Android interfaces.


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deeanna williams

i just got it and it is aawwwwsssooommmmeee

Jack Fitzpatrick

Did you tape that on St. Patrick's Day?

Bridget Carey

Jack -- Indeed I did. Which meant I had to tone down my usual St. Patrick's Day garb in the office... because my usual sparkly green eyeshadow, green hair ties and green nail polish would seem a bit much when you're watching it on a normal day, haha.


Awesome review, way better than CNET


My hubby just got the AT&T's Motorola Backflip, and he's more than satisfied with it, especially with all the customizing he did.

Great looking smartphone, too. I can't bring myself to upgrade...yet.

Thanks for the opportunity to comment.

comments system

Well, you know, with the great features of those the cell phones nowadays, it's not about the phone itself but how many applications you can install and how much fun will you have :)

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