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Product Review: Dyson Air Multiplier fan

AirMultiplier_AM01_GreyBlue The Dyson Air Multiplier fan It's a bladeless tabletop fan that sucks in air from the base and amplifies the force of air when it comes out through a slit around the ring. It can be tilted up and down, and oscillates left to right. A nob on the base controls airflow speed.

It comes in white and blue/gray (pictured here), and the 10-inch model (which is featured in the video) is $299.99.

The air is smooth, much like a continuous breeze, rather than being choppy like the air from a traditional fan. You can hear the motor, but I don't think it's bothersome. It's relatively safe -- fingers and noses can't get hurt with this futuristic fan. And it easier to clean than other fans.

It's easy to get wowed by the cool factor... but keep in mind you're paying $300 for air to blow on you.

The engineering behind this fan is impressive. It's like something straight out of Star Trek. But paying that much for a fan? You don't need to pay that much to stay cool, but I guess you will look cool.


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