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Product Review: Nokia 5230 Nuron sold by T-Mobile

Nokia_5230_Nuron_03 The easy-on-the-eyes-and-wallet Nokia Nuron made its way into my review this week. It's a 3.2-inch touch screen with on-screen keyboard -- and certainly has that standard cool touch-phone look. It has 2-megapixel camera with video recorder, FM radio tuner, and comes with 4-GB microSD memory card.

The apps it downloads are from Nokia's Ovi app store. But when I go to see what some of the highlighted apps are... well... lets just say it was pretty disappointing. (You'll see what I mean in the video.)

It's $69.99 after rebate and service contract.


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I like this little device. Played around with it for a bit, and it's actually pretty solid for the price point $50-$100). Doesn't complete with the N90 or N95, but it is cheaper. More on it here:



I'm so happy with my new unlocked cell phones! This has an unbelievably fast processor, great feel and easy to text on. I used to own a unlocked htc phones, but I'm so much happier with my brand new unlocked nokia phones. This Nokia Nuron 5230 is so much better for my business and pulls my email in so much faster. And I really couldn't be happier with it since it is an unlocked tmobile phones and it's a unlocked 3g phones I can take it overseas. My family loves my new phone and can't get enough of the games. I'm going to purchase another one for my son for his birthday from gsmauthority.com. Definitely would recommend this phone.

Cell Phone

My friend uses the Nokia 5230. Many perfect things happened.This is one of the best selling phones.

Account Deleted

Stunning phone!! Nokia 5230 Nuron is a amazing smartphone with free maps, nice call quality and this the first phone from Nokia which is offering ovi store access.

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