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Comcast television, Internet and phone services now called Xfinity

Xfinity_c_lg Comcast has rebranded its television, phone and Internet services as Xfinity for South Florida customers starting Monday. The company is still named Comcast, but all services will now be referred to as Xfinity.

South Florida joins 12 other metro markets using the new brand name, which started to roll out in February. More areas will be making the transition throughout the year.

The name change is designed to highlight technology upgrades South Florida customers have seen over the past few months, including increased download speeds and channel options, Blackberry and iPhone apps, interactivity between TV and phone service, and Fancast Xfinity TV, a new service featuring more than 19,000 movies, shows and other content television customers can watch online.

"Xfinity points more to the future and the next generation products that will be coming soon -- more integration among products across multiple platforms,'' said Spero Canton, Comcast spokesman.


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Cheap LCD TVs

Hard to keep track of all the name changes.

Jeannine Cantu

Exactly :), big companies always rebrand but fortunately the quality of their services usually stays the same.. I personally have always liked Comcast so hope nothing more's gonna change.


I agree Jeannine.I Think it is a waste of money and eventually the customers are paying for the name change themselves.People already know Comcast which is valuable.


I think with the ability to communicate using the internet as phone services is a great tool for companies to use!

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