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1.7 million iPhone 4s sold, 'Death Grip' not expected to be large issue

Today we hear from Apple that 1.7 million new iPhone 4s were sold from launch on Thursday June 24 through Saturday June 28. The iPhone 4 launch breaks the record for most iPhones sold on an opening weekend.

But launch day wasn't so smooth for hundreds of South Floridians -- fights broke out with no line organization and ridiculous waits of more than 8 hours for those that reserved their phone ahead of time -- all because they could only pick up the phone for that Thursday.

Around the nation, there were also complaints about how the signal weakens when the bottom left corner of the phone is covered -- which happens to be where the antenna is. Nicknamed the "death grip" problem by bloggers, there are rumors that a new iOS software upgrade this week will fix the issue of less signal bars showing up, even if the signal is good.

I was able to play around with a coworker's phone for a few hours Thursday. I put the antenna to the test, and didn't have a problem losing calls. But I could make some bars disappear by covering the corner.

The only problem I came across was in an elevator test. Every time I spoke on the elevator with my right hand, I didn't have a problem. But every time I used my left hand, I lost connection. But the elevator was the only environment in my building where I lost a signal -- and we all know elevators are a tricky place to hang on to a call.

Analysts predict this to not be a big issue, since a phone cover could alleviate the problem in most cases.

And there's no official word yet from Apple about the yellow spots many saw on their screens, but customers who call support are being told that either it will go away in time or to just return it for a replacement phone.

If you missed out on getting an iPhone 4 on launch weekend or through pre-orders and reservations, you can try your luck by waiting in line at AT&T stores as it goes on sale Tuesday morning. I also know some Radio Shack stores are putting names on a waiting list and calling customers when more phones arrive.


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R T Golightly,Jr

Get ready all you ipod4, blue teeth, etc. nerds! Go buy a shovel and start sweating...
Where do you think the ELECTRICAL POWER comes from to keep the above working....The American public is going to get just what it deserves...GO wait in line for 36 hrs...A/H'S
I feel better/have a geek day...or better yet solve the Gulf Oil spill from your air conditioned hole....Richard, North Fla Cedar KEY area.....

jordan retro 3

Just because someone doesn't love you the way you want them to,doesn't mean they don't love you with all they have. Do you understand?

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