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AT&T U-Verse goes live in Key Largo

AT&T's U-Verse service went live to parts of Key Largo this week, giving some residents the option to sign up for U-Verse's television, high-speed Internet and voice services.

AT&T has been slowly expanding the service to South Florida since it arrived here in July 2008. To see if your home can get the service, plug your address into www.att.com/u-verse.


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in the know

cant wait for it to hit west boca. comcast is the worst company in the world. terrible customer service.

John Ristaino

I am glad... We could dearly use the competition here...Comcast service is a JOKE..and has acted as if it doest care for too long. Anyone who lives here knows the problems that Comcast has on weekends when people come to Keys and hotels load up their very limited broadband. ... On weekends...especially evenings...service slows to phone modem speeds. Not what I am paying "premium broadband" rates for...ie $80/mo. Wors...when you call up to compain...they just dont care.

Time for another 800 lbs gorrilla.


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