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Product Review: The TungstenW wallet is a $600 fail

The TungstenW, a carbon fiber biometric wallet, sure looks tough. But looks can be deceiving, as you can see in my video.

Wallet Hand It has an alarm that connects with your cellphone's Bluetooth, and it will sound if the wallet is more than 10 feet away from your phone. It protects against electronic theft by shielding scans of any RFID chips on cards inside. The battery lasts about three days when Bluetooth is turned on. Otherwise, it lasts about two or three weeks.

On the positive side, it was easy to teach it my fingerprints. And if something does go wrong with the fingerprint reader, there's a way where you can open it using the computer software.

But the downs are just overwhelming. The company gives the impression that it's a tough wallet because it's made of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber case is tough. But the lock isn't. While buying lunch on day, I accidentally dropped it on the floor, and it popped wide open. I tried dropping it gently a few more times -- just from about two feet off the floor. It broke open on each drop.

While filming a drop in the studio, the fingerprint scanner cracked off the case. (Sure I totally busted it, but the good news is the carbon fiber case wasn't dented!)

I also found the wallet's alarm went off for no reason while in my purse next to my iPhone -- just a beep or two now and again. (My guess is that it hiccuped for a second trying to detect my phone's Bluetooth signal.) Because it was wonky, I didn't want to keep the alarm on while in a meeting or movie theater to avoid accidentally annoying people.

TungstenW_Wallet The wallet also doesn't hold much -- just four cards and about 10 bills, not sufficient for people who carry change and many cards.

I like the idea of having a wallet with an alarm, so a thief will panic and ditch a screeching wallet. But it's just not worth $600 when the alarm is temperamental, a charge is needed frequently and it busts open easily.


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Thanks for the review.
There's also a $300 unit

David Guidos

Thanks for the review. You just saved me some money...


i dropped my tungstenW so many times but nothing happen to it.

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