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Rush for iPhone 4 at AT&T stores (UPDATED)

Doral_iphoneatt2 This morning saw another rush for the iPhone 4, this time with long lines at AT&T stores. Today was the first day AT&T had enough iPhones to sell to people who didn't pre-order one ahead of time.

Hundreds were in line at AT&T stores in South Florida when doors opened at 7 a.m. Pictured here are the lines from a store in Doral right before doors opened. There were reports of people camping out as early as 8 p.m. Monday at several stores in Broward.

Doral_iphoneatt UPDATE: As of 11 a.m., many AT&T stores here have run out of their initial stock of iPhone 4s - but not all stores are sold out.

 AT&T spokeswoman Kelly Starling said more will be available this afternoon at many stores for people who couldn't get one this morning. At select stores that have run out, customers will be able to reserve a phone and then come back later today, or whenever the next shipment arrives. Here's what Starling said in regards to reserving a phone:

At locations where this happens, our customers are able to reserve a phone in our next shipment which will be received today. We're giving customers a general time of 4 p.m. to come back, bring their order form and receipt, to pick up the phone.

Some stores are still selling their morning inventory and some have now gone to reservations. Each store provided their best estimated time for returning to pick-up reservations.

We will then fulfill those reservations and we no longer have phone in stock at the store – we will still take orders via direct fulfillment.

There's also the option of waiting three weeks by ordering from Apple.com. Photos by Miami Herald photographer Walter Michot.


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