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Comcast adds AnyRoom DVR option for South Florida

South Florida Comcast customers now have the option to watch recorded programs from one DVR in multiple rooms, the cable operator announced Tuesday.

AnyRoom_House Customers in Miami-Dade, Broward and Monroe counties with Comcast's Xfinity TV service are able to purchase an upgraded system called AnyRoom DVR, which allows up to three other connected televisions to watch shows recorded from the main AnyRoom DVR -- but only the main unit can record shows and pause live TV.

Prices for upgrades to the new AnyRoom DVR equipment vary: If customers are not part of the Triple Play bundle, the monthly rate for the first AnyRoom outlet is $19.95 and $11.90 for additional outlets. Customers with Triple Play pay $13.95 for the first outlet and $7.95 for additional outlets. And Triple Play Premier Bundle customers have the first outlet included, but pay $7.95 for additional outlets.

The offering competes with AT&T's U-verse TV, which includes similar technology called Total Home DVR that also lets customers start a recording in one room and finish it in another.

AT&T's U-verse also rolled out new features this week, such as the ``My Multiview'' television application, which allows customers to save 55 channels as favorites and select four of those channels to show on their screen at one time. The free application was added for customers in Broward, Miami-Dade, Monroe and Palm Beach counties. In late June, U-verse service was expanded to parts of Key Largo.

Comcast also announced Tuesday that its DVR television customers will also see improvements with the on-screen guide, which includes a new Watch in HD shortcut option that allows customers to quickly switch to the HD version of the same program they are watching, if available.

Other improvements include the ability to delete recorded programs in bulk and to skip ahead and back in five-minute intervals on recorded and On Demand shows by pressing the Page Up and Page Down remote buttons.


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Orlando Home Theater

Now they just need to move this service up north to Central Florida. I got to use this system at my brothers brand new house, and it's really amazing. The only other provider that I think is using this tech is AT&T's fiber-optic system.

DirectTV is currently in the beta testing phase, but the units need to be physically networked together to work. This will require someone to come out to your home and either run cables, or use some kind of power over ethernet adapters. Either way, Cable is going to win this battle. You cant beat the superior bandwidth of coax cable!

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