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Review: Motorola Droid X

The Motorola Droid X hits Verizon today, right before Apple confronts the press about iPhone 4 reception problems.

The Droid X is powerful Android phone, but I can't recommend it until Motorola improves the software for sharing photos and videos.

The Good: Not once did I get a message that a program crashed and needed to close, as I found to be the case when I tested HTC-brand Android phones like the Evo and MyTouch 3G Slide. The 8 megapixel camera was also a big plus, and I like the photo and video style options, including a very low quality video that makes it easier to send via text to friends. Also the larger screen makes it great to type on.

The Bad: Just like the Motorola Droid, there's a flaw when trying to send photos and videos via text message. It forces any vertical photo or video to be sent horizontally, so the person on the other end must tilt their head to see it. The same problem happens when you upload to Facebook. Considering the whole POINT of these phones is to be social and share moments, I'm quite disappointed that Motorola hasn't fixed this issue in the Droid X. Also, there's a very noticeable lag when opening and closing some programs.

Another downer is just a matter of what style you prefer, but I didn't like the Droid X's interface as much as phones powered by HTC Sense. Motorola's widgets are dull compared to the animations you can see with HTC Sense.

See what I mean in my review video below:


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john q. p.

This reviewer is ignorant.

Indiana Jones

Ignorant of what, johnny boy? I played with a Droid X for 30 seconds and thought it wasn't worth a second look.

1. The X is too large and thin to make it comfortable to hold in one hand and type.

2. Sideways is a great movie. However, it's not a turn I want to keep making with my strained neck every time I want to gape at a picture of a rare South American artifact I plan to pick up later this year.

3. Motorola knows how to make great radios but not phone software. Ms. Carey, 1, johnny boy, 0.


Thanks for the review... it seems like the Evo is a better choice. The iPhone on Verizon would be nice...

Brandon from The Droid Bros.

I have a few issues with this brief article. First of all, many of the Motorola widgets _are_ animated. Additionally, you've mentioned laggy apps but did not articulate which apps were laggy; in our experience with the device there was very little lag anywhere.

Regarding Sense UI, well, of course that's not going to be found on a Motorola Android device (or any other phone that's not from HTC!) Not mentioned is the fact that Sense UI, while attractive, also tends to result in a significant delay in updated firmware.

Really, the only part of the phone that has been addressed here in any major part is the camera. You've listed a singular problem with it that can be easily resolved in a firmware update (and one that won't be delayed by Sense UI) -- a much more controversial issue with this device is its locked bootloader.

It is hard to take a reviewer seriously, who doesn't acknowledge any Android device without Sense UI. After all, Sense is in the minority. Droid X isn't a perfect device but this article feels like it's struggling to identify any REAL problems with the phone, other than the vertical photos. (PS - you can EDIT photos on an Android device using its excellent apps, which would surely allow you to rotate a photo.)

The Droid Bros.

(I duplicated this comment from the Herald's other Droid X review by the same author.)

Indiana Jones

Dear Droid Bros.,

I take the time to write this because I have an HTC Hero, and because I was so annoyed with my friend's Droid X.

It's hard to take you seriously when you run a website dedicated to the worship of the Almighty Heavenly Father of Android.

"The Droid Bros. are two nerds (and brothers) whose technological lifestyles were revolutionized by Android devices." -DroidBros.com

Also, if I have to update the firmware, download an app and edit a photo every time I want it right, I'd rather buy a Motorola beeper circa 1995.

Orlando Website Design

Flame wars, gotta love it. I look forward to purchasing my DroidX as soon as they come back in stock. They sold out in a matter of minutes it seems.

To Indiana Jones - You're way to mad. And you do realize that your phone is also an Android phone. I dont really know what your yelling about. Also, 30 seconds is not nearly enough time to build a respectable opinion of anything, let alone something as complex as a smartphone.

To Brandon - Yes, I agree.


Some good points buried in the review. I had a few of the same problems and some others when switching from the HTC incredible to droid x from motorola.
First only plus for motorola, the larger screen made it easier to type so fewer mistakes.
Biggest minus for me after a few hours use only way i've found for the moto droid x to shoot video longer than 30s is using qwik video app. the default one doesn't seem to have a setting to extend it. HTC by default will record 2minutes plus great for those baby shots.

The home/program keys and optical mouse on HTC seem an improvement to me over the push buttons on the droid x (my wife had some difficulty hitting keys while holding the phone compared to capacitive keys). Some users may prefer the droids style though.

Another style preference droid switching to alternate homescreens you can drag and move 1 at a time or bring up the icons to go to 1 by number (1 2 or 3 dot)
the htc interface lets you zoom out from homepage and pick the one you want from a screen showing all 7 again style preference but for me the HTC was preferable.

Hardware issues #1 after about an hour using the droid setting up programs and accounts the lower left got hot enough to be annoying. 2 hours and it was painful and I had to stop no such issues with HTC yet.

Some widgets & programs on the moto do seem to hang and load slower (specifically pandora & google stock) others seemed too but those are only two i started side by side and watched HTC start first. Certainly seemed like droid crashed more and in first day i had it crashed twice. 3 weeks with HTC has seen 1 crash.

To the flame wars sure you can be a fan of either both can be good phones though the droid is more uncomfortable for me (and how do i remove the programs loaded with it? its embarassing having a blockbuster program there) i'm sure some people like the super thin super large phone more. if i was 7 feet tall i'm sure i would too alas i'm only 180cm so it feels a bit oversized.

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