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Daily group coupon aggregator Yipit launches in Miami

Yipit Yipit, a site that collects of all those Groupon-ish daily deals into one place, is now available for Miami. The site launched in February for New Yorkers, and now highlights eight other cities. Co-founder Vin Vacanti, a Miami native and winner of a Silver Knight honorable mention, told me that when they launched earlier this year there were only 20 daily deal sites. Now, there are 163 they have to keep track of across the U.S..

Miami's Yipit tracks the deals for Adility, Gilt City, Dealtificate (headquartered in Miami), CoupTessa (also in Miami), LivingSocial, and of course, Groupon.

When you sign up, you tell Yipit which stuff you care about, so it will only send you deals you are interested in. (For example, I won't get deals for men's haircut specials, and men can avoid getting deals for salons.) You get one e-mail in the morning -- that is, if if there's something that matches your interests that day.


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You should also make mention of another similar service, http://www.dailydibs.com

I think if you try both you will find that Yipit has more features and customizations, but Daily Dibs is the more effective service.

Bridget Carey


DailyDibs doesn't work in Miami, not to mention the site design looks appalling, so it's not worth mentioning. But thanks for playing! :D

David himmel

Check out the latest daily deal site, www.sweetedeal.com, focused on South Florida, and operated by locals, not some out-of-state company. First deal is coming on December 1!

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