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Product Review: Barbie Video Girl

BarbieVideoGirlDoll-1 Barbie Video Girl is going to inspire a whole new generation of female directors. She's $50, for ages 6+. The camera built inside this Barbie doll holds 256 MB, a little more than a half-hour, of standard video footage. Movies are saved as .avi files and are transferred with a pink USB cable. She's powered with two AAA batteries -- one in each thigh. Barbie can transfer the videos to both PCs and Macs. Comes with free Barbie movie-editing software to add sounds and visual effects -- but the software is only for Windows.

Ups: The editing software is simple to use, but a parent will need to help install it. As soon as you plug Barbie into the computer, the program loads and all the footage is transferred to the program. It automatically moves it off the Barbie and into a video folder. It comes with some great Barbie-themed sound effects, music, animated transitions, and makes it easy to edit a cute movie. Or if kids are impatient, they can hit a button that will generate a movie by inserting random effects into the footage. She is very bendable with several joints, so her arms and hands can be in or out of the shot.

BarbieVideoGirl(X-ray) Downs: Mac users don't get the Barbie editing software. Her accessories are limited because she's got a camera in her necklace, so you don't want to cover that up. Her pink top is painted on her body, so it's best to take her jacket off while recording because it creates loud crinkling sounds and can get in the way of the camera.

Bottom line: I love Barbie, and I'm jealous that I couldn't play with this as a kid. It takes playtime to a whole new creative level when you can become a director wherever you go. The simple editing software is a great way for girls to tell stories and learn how to edit video with mom and dad.


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Amanda Conwell

The magic lies in her thighs...! XD If only I had known about this I would have had much more fun.

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