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Product Review: BlackBerry Torch 9800 on AT&T

BlackBerry Torch left tilt The BlackBerry Torch 9800 smartphone on AT&T has a slide-out keyboard and runs the new BlackBerry 6 operating system. Has optical trackpad for navigation, a 624 Mhz processor, 4 GB of memory built in and comes with a 4 GB memory card (but can hold a 32 GB card). The 5 megapixel camera has a flash, auto focus, geo-tagging, zoom and options including scene modes.

Price: $199.99 after two-year contract on AT&T, on sale for $99.99 on Amazon.com with AT&T contract. Requires a minimum data service starting at $15 a month.

Ups: The new interface has an Android feel to it, with a menu that slides up to reveal icons for every program, and an interface that allows you to swipe a finger sideways to reveal program shortcuts lumped into different categories. It also smoothly integrates personal messages from all major social outlets -- such as Facebook, Twitter and instant messaging services -- to be seen at once with one click.

The phone has a solid feel while handling it and the keyboard has BlackBerry's signature raised keys. Camera does a great job at focusing photos.

Downs: The sync function with your computer's music, photos and videos was difficult to use. I found it annoying to get the music I wanted saved to my phone. I also came across a glitch in the program that shows my photos: the same thumbnail was showing up for five different pictures.

The processor is 624 Mhz, but most of the new smartphones this summer are faster with 1 Ghz processors.

Bottom line: The operating system improvements make this the best BlackBerry on the market, but it's not perfect. Work-focused Blackberry users will really enjoy this upgrade, but the casual smartphone user will probably like the iPhone or Android system better.


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Consumers Review

Wow amazing prize! From $199 dollar to $99 dollar? Would it be possible for that prize? But anyways thanks for your article about blackberry! Keep posting and go cheers!

Reverse cell phone lookup

This video isn't loading for me, but I like the review anyway, I am thinking about buying a blackberry cell phone.

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