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AT&T U-Verse gains Spanish-language channels, loses Hallmark

AT&T's U-verse television service has added 19 Spanish-language channels to its offerings this week, with a total of 52 channels in Spanish.

To access the added cable channels, customers need either the Paquete Español package of 46 channels, or the U200 Latino package, which has 220 English stations plus everything in Paquete Español.

But while it was able to add more Spanish-language options, it dropped the Hallmark Channel and the Hallmark Movie Channel this week after failing to reach a new carriage agreement with the network.

The new Spanish-language stations include:

  • Azteca America (ch. 3019)
  • Bandamax (ch. 3509)
  • CBTV Michoacán (ch. 3067)
  • Cine Mexicano (ch. 3410)
  • Centroamérica TV (ch. 3044)
  • EstrellaTV (ch. 3024)
  • Mega TV (ch. 3008)
  • Mexico 22 (ch. 3022)
  • Multimedios (ch. 3065)
  • Once Mexico (ch. 3011)
  • Pasiones (ch. 3018)
  • Ritmoson Latino (ch. 3512)
  • Telefe Internacional (ch. 3035)
  • TV Chile (ch. 3032)
  • TV Columbia (ch. 3026)
  • TV Dominicana (ch. 3047)
  • TVE Internacional (ch. 3029)
  • Vme Kids (ch. 3058)
  • VeneMovies (ch. 3408)


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The customer is always right, wrong...

If you like being treated like a second class citizen/ customer, ATT is the provider for you.

If you only desire to speak to automated telephone support, ATT is the provider for you.

If you enjoy the inablility to settle any sort of dispute whatsoever, ATT is the provider for you.

If you're enamored by offensive and threatening business letters, ATT is the provider for you.

God forbid you should decide to upgrade your services with them because they'll continue charging you for both the old services and new ones.

After 6 prision-like years of services (if you know what i mean), I'm sending it all back. Good riddance.

ATT, this is my last act as a paying customer, and it's only befitting that I let everyone know how wonderful you are!


Hope ATT fires you Dimitrious from Sales, Service and Billing (phone click)

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