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Changing your TV bill as easy as changing channels

U-verse remote_3 Compulsive spenders, rejoice! The ability to pay more for television is now in the power of your remote for AT&T U-Verse customers.

Well, to be fair, there's a little bit more to it than that. On channel 9910, U-verse TV is adding the Account Manager application, where you can instantly make a TV package upgrade. You can also view other account information and compare packages and channel lineups. It began the rollout today.

So if you're flipping through the guide and you're annoyed that you don't have access to a show, click a few buttons and you'll be able to add it to your bill.

It wasn't too long ago that U-verse competitor Comcast rolled out shopping on HSN with your remote, called iTV Shop-By-Remote.

As time passes, I'm sure we'll see more options for ordering and shopping with our remote. See a pizza commercial, get that pie delivered. (Oh wait, that was done.) OK, new idea: Prescriptions-By-Remote. I'm sure that will go over better than pizza.


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Over-priced Cable with more useless stations full of propaganda is television of the past.

Subscribers have much more choice on the internet, Sport, Culture, World News, from major networks around the World often free of charge.

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