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Picking your perfect smartphone this season (and there's a flowchart!)

The country is in the midst of an Android invasion, and there's no sign of it slowing down.

Since late April, more than a dozen new smartphones -- most of them running Google's Android operating system -- have hit stores. Apple's iPhone 4 with service on AT&T has grabbed the most media buzz of all the new smartphones, with customers still occasionally finding some stores out of stock. But competitor phones with Android systems have also flown out of stores.

Throw in the launch of a new touch screen BlackBerry, and 2010 has shaped up as an unprecedented bonanza for consumers and smartphone makers. (And that's not counting the launch of Windows Phone 7 handsets that launch in October.)

In today's Herald, I write about how consumers are buying Android phones at a faster pace than iPhones, and what this year's phone trends signal about the changing marketplace. You can read the full story here: Battle of the Smartphones.

If you're in the market for a new top-of-the-line smartphone, but feeling dizzy from the array of choices, have no fear. For those of you too lazy to read my full reviews, I've got a quick breakdown of which are the winners, and why: Smartphone Review Roundup

Don't care about carriers? Or prices? Then maybe you will like this fun little flowchart to help you narrow down which phone's hardware might be a good fit for your mobile needs. I made it for you with love, with help from Herald graphic designer Bill Gerdts.

Flowchart: Picking Your Perfect Smartphone


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