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Product Review: Wisair Wireless PC to HD TV converter

Wisair wireless review The Wisair Wireless USB Audio and Video PC to TV converter kit transmits whatever is on a computer screen to an HD TV or projector. It requires Windows, and has a USB stick that connects to the desktop or laptop. A second device, powered by a wall plug, connects to the television using an HDMI cable or a VGA cable with audio jack (can connect to two televisions at once). Supports HD video up to 720p. Television and computer can be up to 30 feet apart in the same room.

It's sold under the brands Warpia, Cables Unlimited and Atlona. Warpia sells it for $152. Cables Unlimited sells it for $150. Atlona sells it in white for $109.99.

Ups: Set up was easy on a Windows 7 laptop. Once the software was installed, I didn't need to fuss with settings: Every time the USB is attached, it automatically transmited the signal to the TV or projector. Audio came in great through my television.

Downs: If there's the slightest hiccup or delay in watching a streaming online video or watching a DVD from the computer, it's made worse once transmitted to the TV and fast movement looks choppy.

It works best when the TV and computer are not interrupted with walls, so it isn't a good solution for a desktop computer that's in a different room than the TV.

Bottom line: If your computer can handle video well and you have a fast Internet connection, it's a handy solution to watch Web videos on a big-screen TV -- but you'll have more success if the computer is in the same room as the TV. And the portable factor makes it handy for business use.


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Consumers Review

Quite impressive! I've planning to buy this thing and i need a review on the product. Thanks for this post and for the video. It really help me a lot on purchasing this item!

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